MySQL backup

Mysql Database Backup
"Does Your Backup System Protect Your Online Web Business Every Day -- And Every Night? (Even When You're Sleeping?)"

Amazingly Simple Automated Software Can Virtually Guarantee You Never Lose Your Databases And The Vital Information It Contains! Back It Up Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Even Email It To Yourself Automatically!

It Will Even Back Up Your Data to

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Before you learn more about this backup system, let me tell you a little story... I was going through and cleaning my mailing list in an autoresponder script installed on my website when . . .


GONE!!! Disappeared! Vanished! The database that stored all of my subscriber information became corrupt, destroyed my list and damn near destroyed my business!

I called my web host in a panic and sure enough - the database server took a nose dive. And sure enough, NO! They could NOT recover my data!

This is a common enough tale. Could have even happened to you. If it did, were you backed up?

Before you read another line, you need to take a look at this incredible video. You will see how effective Database Backup Generator is when I destroy my customer database . . . on purpose!

That's right! What once threw me into a state of panic, I will do on purpose. Right before your eyes. Just to prove a point!

Come see how crazy I am . . . Click to View a Demonstration

I know what you're thinking. You're not worried because your web host backs up your database, right? They All do.

Is It Important For You To Know Your Business Is Backed Up?

It is becoming commonplace now. More and more web hosts are NO LONGER BACKING UP their customers sites or databases.

All those resources are expensive. They will most likely tell you to back up your own site. I know because my OWN web host once sent me an email advising me to back up my own data because they no longer do that.

Or maybe they do back your website up... for an EXPENSIVE recovery fee or maybe they only do it once a month!

Sorry bub, but in my business I can't lose a month's work or I'm out of business!

Even though most web hosting control panels offer manual backups...we have yet to find one that offers the MOST important feature ... AUTOMATIC Backups!

That's what prompted me to develop Database Backup Generator.

The whole idea behind my script is... SET IT, FORGET IT and RELY ON IT!

Database Backup Generator will automatically backup your databases for you and... you don't even need to lift a finger!


In the early days of building my eProfitNews mailing list, it had climbed up to 1,422 subscribers from memory. Not huge (since then it's grown to 10,000 subscribers), but it had taken me a lot of work to get there. Then one day... GONE. The web host's servers had crashed. And as it happened, they had no recent backup at all. I was ANGRY and upset. But there was nothing I could do about it. IF ONLY there was a service like yours at that time (and if I had the brains to use it!!), I would not have been in trouble.
So, when I saw your offer of Database Backup Generator, I was quick to say Yes. As always, a pleasure doing business with you.
It's great to see the DBG emails coming in each day, telling me another data backup file is ready for me to download. Brilliant stuff.
Feel free to pass my comments on to others. Tell them they had better not just ASSUME that their web host is doing the right thing for them. What if they arent? ... as I found out too late.
Gary Harvey



Check out how this totally awesome, totally automatic software will protect you:




Database For:
What It Can Cost You
with No Protection:
Protected With
Database Backup Generator:
(Your Opt-In List)
Your subscribers and their loyalty
Your advertisers.
Any sales of your own products.
Affiliate program revenue.
Hundreds, even THOUSANDS

of dollars.
Untold hours of time.

Click "Restore".
Back in business.
Less Than Five Minutes.
No subscribers lost.
No advertisers lost.
No revenue lost.
Retain subscriber loyalty.

Membership Site Member information.
Billing information.
Untold hours of time.
Hundreds, even THOUSANDS

of dollars.

Click "Restore".
Back in business.
Less Than Five Minutes.
No members lost.
No revenue lost.
Retain memebrship loyalty.

E-Commerce Site Billing information.
Your entire storefront.
Your product list.
Hundreds, even THOUSANDS

of dollars.
Untold hours of time.

Click "Restore".
Back in business.
Less Than Five Minutes.
No customers lost.
No revenue lost.
Retain customer loyalty.

Forum Traffic.
Ad revenue.
Confidence of participants.
Untold hours of time.

Click "Restore".
Back in business.
Less Than Five Minutes.
No traffic or revenue lost.
Retain community loyalty.

That's just a few examples. The list of potential disasters can go on and on. The amount of money it can cost you can reach the THOUSANDS if you run a successful business already. Is it worth the risk?

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To Internet Marketers Everywhere-

This product isn't a joke or a game and whether to purchase it or not shouldn't take any thought. I had this product built because I received a letter from my hosting service, something to the effect of they didn't have the resources to perform backups anymore due to not enough space on the server.

You know.. the type of email that can make your skin crawl.

Then I got to thinking a minute.. WAIT!! I have A+ Marketplace on there. You know.. the ezine that's made me at least $600,000 in the last 3 years. It seems to make me a little more each year also.

If I lost A+ Marketplace.. I'd lose over $1,000,000 in the next 5 years. Not only would I lose that much money.. I would lose almost all of the "Brian Garvin" name recognition as well. I use DBG because my list IS my Bread and Butter and I NEED to protect it.

So I want everyone to know this is a REAL application that can affect REAL lives if you don't have it working for you. I know many companies CAN'T afford to take these kinds of risks. DBG is nothing less than purchasing a one-time INSURANCE POLICY to guarantee you won't lose your list. What a strong guarantee!

Get DBG today.. and tell everyone you care about to get this most valuable application.

Remember, to get to the top of the mountain you need to make sure that every step you take is headed in that direction.

And yes.. I put my name behind this product 100%

Profits To All,

Brian Garvin
Internet Marketing Millionaire

What Is Database Backup Generator?

Database Backup Generator
is a Client Side, Stand Alone, Web Based, Instant Database Backup Tool for your website database(s).

For the first time, you can instantly back up any, or all of your databases with just a few mouse clicks. Even better, once you set it up, it will do it for you automatically!

And it even reminds you to download your backups in case you forget!

Database Backup Generator Features Include:

Back up any or all of your MySQL databases. Even from your other websites!

Automatically backs up daily, weekly, monthly.

Set and forget.

Backup links automatically emailed to you for easy download.

Download reminders automatically emailed to you if you don't download your backup files.

Send your download links or your backup files to several email addresses at once!

FTP your back ups to another server on the web instantly!

Manual backups (with or without instant download) anytime.

Manage your backups so you don't eat up your web space.

Easy to use admin panel to manage all of your backup projects from one convenient location.

Automatic, fast installation.

Automatic, fast setup.

On-Board pop up help system.

Video Tutorials to walk you through installation, set up and use!

Super Easy “one click” restore of any database.

Password protected.

Does not use a database to store your backups.

Why You Should Purchase Database Backup Generator Right Now!
(You and I BOTH Know You Should . . .)

Does your business mean a lot to you. Your database IS your business. It's your bread and butter. Why take chances?

Database Backup Generator is an investment in your business!

Even if you are just starting to build an opt-in list or forum or membership site, more and more of today's websites and scripts are becoming dependent on MySQL databases.

When you build a site around a database, you need to consider the best way to protect yourself. And for the price of taking out your significant other to movie, you can have piece of mind.

See how easy it is to use . . . Click here to View a Demonstration

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I was really worrying about how to back up my online data. As a comparative newbie trying to keep ahead of my opt in list, I used to worry how on earth I would keep track of it (Especially as it got bigger).

Then I hear about the Database Backup Generator

Now, I get emails every day with an up to date report and download links of my backed up data, which I'm able to safely file away. (Magic).

What more can a newbie want!

Kim Standerline

Database Backup Generator Pricing. . .

Get Database Backup Generator right now for only $9.00 (and believe me - it's worth every penny!).

Or, if you'd rather - you can purchase Data Recovery services starting at only $499.00!

Installation Requirements . . .

Database Backup Generator will work on any Linux server that supports PHP. It backs up MySQL database only.

Please note: Database Backup Generator will NOT work with other databases or on Windows servers at this time.

But Stay Tuned . . .

Free Upgrades. . .

And - if we decide to add a new functionality or upgrade to our software in the near future, you will be among the first to know.

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Just Like An Insurance Policy . . .

Wouldn't you agree that a small investment of $9.00 can literally save you thousands? So don't delay another moment. Because delaying another day . . . hour . . . even minute can cost you BIG time! What are you waiting for? Do it now!

Do it for your Website.

Do it for your business.

Do it for your peace of mind.


Only $9.00

One time payment.

P.S. If you've ever known anyone whose business DIED because the host's server crashed and the backup crashed too, then you know just how VALUABLE a reliable set of database backups really is. You can spare yourself the anguish and the anger by installing Database Backup Generator today.

P.P.S. Don't forget . . . the special limited time price of $9.00 will go away very soon. You need to act now to get it for this ridiculously low price. Trust me, it WILL be going up to it's correct price level of $29.00.


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